Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eduardo Saverin's Algorithm - Facemash

So if you've seen the Facebook Movie, The Social Network, and were wondering what was the algorithm that Eduardo Saverin gave to Mark Zuckerberg to use for Facemash. Well look no further because here it is :

Ea = ________1_________
1 + 10 (Rb -Ra) /400

Eb = ________1_________
1 + 10 (Ra -Rb) /400

facemash algorithm by eduardo saverin for mark zuckerberg
The algorithm is actually a simple and common one, called the Elo rating system, which is used to rank chess players. In The Social Network film it is presented as something complicated and amazing, but it has been used for years in official chess rankings. In the movie Mark Zuckerberg asks his friend and soon co founder of Facebook to give him the algorithm so he can use it on Facemash to rate girls who attend Harvard. Saverin then writes the algorithm on the window of their Harvard dorm room.
Here is what the elo rating system equations look like:

facemash algorithm used by mark zuckerberg
eduardo saverin algorithm written on dorm window
Here is a video showing the scene from The Social Network movie where Eduardo Saverin gives Mark Zuckerberg the Algorithm.


what was the algorithm used for? i worked on same algorithm. you cant clik.. i fogot to give that function... use arrow to vore

Now that Facebook is considered as a giant company, they may have already moved on beyond the elo rating algo. I know of some people who work for seo reseller companies that try to test a lot of things online just to figure out which algo they are getting affected with.

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Who knew that a system from one of the oldest games in the world could help further some of the newer developments of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if the local search engine marketing in sydney ran on an algorithm similar to that.

Surely, new algorithms will be discovered in the future and the need for organic seo placement will be more in demand..

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With this simple algorithm facebook was produced. According to business coaching services with planning and setting goals, success can be achieved with your business.

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I watched the movie and I actually didn't understand that part. However I laughed on the idea of rating the girls from Harvard the way chess rankings are rated. Can this be used for seo services like dentists and lawyer seo? That Zuckerberg, such a bright guy. And Saverin too!

I loved the movie! I was actually inspired on that part too. This is actually why social media is more interesting especially at organic seo.

I've already seen the movie and it somehow described long island seo's main job and purpose.

Just an idea: if it can be used to rate girls in Harvard, then it can also be used as a marketing tool too. Since the 'rating' was done in a sort of a survey, then it could probably be a tool to get insights, creative campaigns and more - just what marketing surveys are mostly about.

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It is one of the most vital principles of developments. Look at the rapid spread of mobile apps development now.

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And of course, the main catalyst for spreading that is through internet marketing. I am a firm believer that there is an exact math to everything.

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Very interesting blog about Eduardo Saverin's Algorithm - Facemash. I really appreciate your writing skills. I've already seen this movie and like it so much.
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